Raven Magic

Ravens are magic.  Ravens are creators. Ravens are talkers.  Ravens are harbingers. Ravens are partners.  Ravens are family.  Ravens are stories. Ravens are wonder.  Ravens are mystery.

Ravens have inspired me for years.  From the first, Thought and Memory, that advise Odin Norse god of the Runes, to the Native American stories about raven as creator, magician and trickster.  Ravens are everywhere in my world.  The sit in the trees outside my studio speaking, often early in the morning, of the necessary work to come.  And while my favorites here are mostly negative image ravens with geometry and sacred glyphs, ravens illuminate the darkest reaches of our world so we can create something new every day.

Each of these images are available in prints, cards and some are still available in original form.  Contact me for more information.

May raven magic be with you.


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