Don Voss

Art is a technology by which humans work with the world , creativity is a revolutionary act.  As an artist my work sustains a dance of evolving awareness. It ranges from tiny particles to broadest mountain ranges to stars above; humans integrate, being part and participant in creation where each moment is a capsule of awareness. Being fully human is the burden of realizing our being is a mote in the grand-unified-universal-wonder.  Seeing into the world increases knowledge revolving with intention each day. Awareness grows, propelled to action to create. My creations record, tells stories of a path of wonder-knowledge. But they require the participant to decode the work in their own terms. The images are glyphs, maps, diagrams, pictures, recordings, awareness of the precious mystery of the world, knowing all the time, the beauty and intensity of each breath.

Born in Germany and raised all over the US as a result of his father being in the military, Don grew up around diverse cultures and is a mixture of Native American and multiple European cultures. He received a double major in History and Social Studies, taught high school art and developed his personal artistic style while living in the Southwest. He studied and learned the roots of his own spiritual and sacred past from Native American elders.  In 2000 he moved with his wife and son to Oregon where he majored in print making and began to create artist’s books that tell visual stories of his spirit walk.  After that he spent seven years in Colorado working for CSU, and continued to create works, showing in both local and national galleries across the country.  Now living with his wife in the Red Rocks of Arizona, he is represented by Zen Mountain Gallery in Jerome, Beads of Tubac, Back of Beyond Books Moab UT, Vision Quest Bookstore in Phoenix, Xanadu Gallery Scottsdale, and Red Queen Books.  He teaches bookbinding classes upon request at local working galleries. He continues to pursue the “art of the perfect book” while constantly doodling on pages with ink.  He is also working with his wife on RavenCircle Creations, an unfolding idea where they are developing events, books, and prints that allow for healing of all mankind’s cultures in balance with the earth, our mother.

For the most recent work, check out RavenCircle Creations on Facebook.