Don Voss at Spider Rock

A prolific and amazing artist, Don Voss committed his life to a deep connection to this beautiful Earth and the Great Mystery. He knew that the Mystery could never be fully understood and aspired to deepen his awareness of that which lie beyond ordinary perception. He achieved this heightened awareness by honoring the Earth for her selflessness, as well as entering into sweat lodge ceremony, going on dozens of vision quests, and sitting in deep states of meditation.

He understood that every bit of wisdom that is available to each of us comes from touching the stillness at the center within us. As a ceremonial leader for over 25 years, he held the doorway open for others and through his art, provided glimpses into realms of non-ordinary perception.

In his art you will find mandalas, sacred geometry, animal spirits, ancestors, and a secret language that emerged from him as he painted. For Don, everything was ceremony, even the most mundane of earthly tasks.

Don’s art has been greatly inspired by the red rocks of the Southwest, with Sedona becoming a weekend getaway for both he and his wife, Lorraine, since the 1980’s. They moved to the area in 2012.

Don left this Earth too soon but as those who knew him well would say, he was anxious to explore even higher levels of consciousness and merge with other planes of existence. He left the world a better place with an amazing plethora of art for all to enjoy.

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